Game review: ‘Trine’

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Everyone has their own opinion on what the tell-tale signs that make up a good co-op game are. For some it is defending each other from rampaging zombies; equally, some find some sort of sadist satisfaction in bludgeoning and shooting one another up instead.

However, for me, any co-op game that keeps you immersed in its world with your best friends beside you, just as engrossed as you are, is key.

But since we live in such a culture where society’s attention span can be compared to Hammy from Over The Hedge on ecstasy, finding a decent co-op game to always come back for more can be difficult. Enter Trine

With 3 characters; a wizard, a knight and a thief, the game, guess what? Yep, it allows up to 3 players to fight spiders and skeletons in order to stop the dreaded Lich King from destroying the world. Yet, do not believe for one second that this is merely another fighting game; if anything the hardest battles present is with gravity. As a physics based platformer, finding new and ingenious ways to progress through the magical and beautiful landscapes become this game’s forte.

With a cliché storyline and repetitive villains, this may seem like another game to play once through and then ditch, but what really makes this title great is not actually the game itself, rather those you play it with. It has a unique local 3 player co-op style that allows even those who do not enjoy first person shooters to participate in a game which allows for random conversation with those around you (you won’t believe how random until you listen back to a recording of you playing). But beware, the heated argument one may find themselves caught up in with the wizard after standing on his magic created box one too many times.

This game may not exactly have been the Grand Theft Auto V of 2009 but with plenty of tea, a couple of like-minded friends and an entire day to play; this game will create its own magic that will equal the fairy-tale narrative seen within.


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