Why Watch…‘Adventure Time’

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Meet Finn the human, a boy who loves kicking evil butt, with his magic size-changing, talking dog Jake by his side. Now add a plethora of princesses that seem to constantly need saving from a crazed old snow wizard (aptly named the Ice King), and you would only understand half the happenings in the magic land of Ooo.

Originally viewed as a children’s cartoon, the first word to describe any plot in Adventure Time would be insane; so wacky in fact that it has created an adult following.

Most episodes follow the escapades of Finn and Jake as they travel around the various territories, such as the Fire Kingdom, usually due to the behest of Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. However, the plot appeal is surpassed by its subversive humour and its recurring characters. With the portrayal of Cinnamon Bun, BMO and others, the characters all contribute to a part of theAdventure Time canon that create an internal consistency in how all the characters interact with the world and others within it.

It is the interest in each character’s gradual exposition of their history with one another (for example, Marceline The Vampire and the Ice King’s, which truly makes this cartoon different than any other).

If you like the wackiness of SpongeBob SquarePants, but crave for a little more character development then Adventure Time will fill that desire. The most important aspect of the entire series is the fact that wherever you may be situated, be it the land of Ooo or in your bedroom, the greatest adventure is how you interact with those around you.


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