Why Watch… ‘Bones’

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Similar to the layout of CSI, the TV series Bones (created by Hart Hanson) follows the socially inept Forensic Anthropologist Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Special Agent Seeley Booth’s (David Boreanaz) relationship as they solve crimes ‘in the field’ under Federal jurisdiction; Brennan uses her brain and science while Booth uses his heart and gut. It is based loosely on Forensic Anthropologist, writer and Bones producer Kathy Reichs’ series of novels. Brennan is a headstrong female who uses her supreme intelligence and her work colleagues or, as Booth names them, ‘Squints’ at the Jeffersonian Institute Forensic Sciences Department and the Medico legal lab to aid the cocky Booth in arresting the guilty. However it is not just the crime that draws the viewer in but the sexual tension between the 2 protagonists as well. That is not to say that the murder is not interesting but that the show has a number of layers than just any crime series. The realistic cadavers come in all shapes and forms; one of the most gruesome being a man who has been encased in bleach for a weekend. Yet, the programme is one that attention must be required since the case moves along fairly quick and the use of scientific names for the anatomy of the skeleton makes it difficult to understand at all times. Due to the science and hard to pronounce body parts, the actors must be praised for remembering how to pronounce certain words also it should be acknowledged that this show is not for everyone. However anyone can understand the drama within the show if not the crime.

Every episode has fitting songs which compliment the series well and aids in highlighting how the episodes deal with different issues; both social and personal. The pilot episode for example, deals with the political issues surrounding American government; Booth hesitates to question the senator because of the position of power he holds, even claiming that if he wasn’t the senator he would be searching his house for the murder weapon straight away. Clearly, the most significant impact Bones attempts to portray about our society is the amount of crime being committed in the USA. Hart Hanson is evidently attempting to mix crime with drama and in this case it bodes well for him; the series has currently finished its 9th season and is still as popular as ever.

If you want a crime series which delves into personal relationships first and solves crimes second then Bones is a must see series for you additionally since it has something for everyone it is a perfect balance between drama and crime which will leave no one unhappy.


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