Why Watch…‘Once Upon A Time’

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Ever wanted to know what happens after fairytale endings? Once Upon A Time shows just that and lo and behold, they haven’t been living happily ever after. Regina (the evil queen from Snow White) has cast a curse upon those we recognise in bedtime stories such as Little Red Riding Hood. It has transported them to Storybrook (pun, anyone?), a town within a world without magic: ours.

Moreover, the curse has made everyone forget their fairytale lives, and with a little intervening from the cursed town’s mayor (AKA, the evil queen), they are all prevented from obtaining their happy-ever-afters.

But all is not lost, for the curse has been foretold to end in 28 years by Snow White and Prince Charming’s child, Emma. However, having thought to be abandoned by her parents after they protected her from Regina’s revenge, it is no wonder why Emma is so oblivious towards her destiny. It is therefore up to Henry, Emma’s biological child and Regina’s adopted son, to get Emma to break Storybrook’s curse.

The series does not only have one plot, as the narrative switches between our world and what has already happened within the fairytale land. By using this structure, each episode bases itself around a single well-known story, in order to delve deeper into that specific character without creating any confusion between each fairytale.

If you like a darker yet more realistic outlook on classic tales such as Pinocchio and Rumplestiltskin, then look no further. Once Upon A Time attempts to humanise and improve detail on the basic narratives of our childhood stories, and create a new fairytale ending.


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