The F Word: A Crash Course in Feminism

So true! It worries me how many people still accept the stigma put on the word

The Bee's Knees

Run for your lives! Sound the alarm; call Scotland Yard; release the hounds! She’s mentioned the F WORD! Holy Moley, cover the little one’s ears from this abominable filth!

Feminism. There I’ve said it. Brace yourselves…no the world hasn’t ended and we’re all still seated with all our teeth limbs lives and morality intact. Feminism there I said it again. How dare devil am I?

After a good few years of jeering, sniggering, out and out prejudice, and misguided banter, I’m taking a pre-emptive strike. I am neither a scholar nor expert on Feminism and its various histories but I am a feminist. And so are you. No don’t choke, it’s ok, most people are. Here, take the sick bag, deep breaths; now head between your knees while I explain. Some of you may already be familiar with journalist Caitlin Moran and her book How To Be A Woman. While…

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