5 Video Games worth playing in Co-op

Trine Series (PC)

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A physics-based platformer, the trine series follows 3 unlikely heroes group together to save their unnamed kingdom from all kinds of evil. All three characters (a knight, a wizard and a thief) have unique abilities from the other two; the knight has the strength to move objects as well as a shield to block attacks whereas the thief has a bow and arrow to attack from afar and a grappling hook to swing to areas. Finally, the wizard has the ability to conjure planks and boxes but no hostile attacks. This ultimately gives the game its co-op magic, by implementing teamwork successfully, you and two friends will find yourselves having built a special bond between one another as you have all come to rely on one another as the game goes on.

Monaco (PC/XBox)

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Ever thought to yourself you would make a great thief? Thought about performing your own heist with your friends but scared of the repercussions? Then Monaco is the game for you. Playing from a bird’s eye view, Monaco allows for up to 4 players to take part in cunning missions to perform heists and avoid guards (similar to the 1990’s arcade game Bonanza Bros). Each player can choose from a group of trained professionals to control, each with their own specialties such as the pickpocket who uses his pet monkey to collect coins, the lookout who can see every NPC in the level when not running despite everyone only seeing through line of sight and the mole who can eat through walls. What is most important about the game is talking to your team about how to go about the heist. Having each other’s back makes the level run smoothly and leaves you all believing you have what it takes to begin a life of crime.

Streets of Rage series (Mega Drive)

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Although these games may be difficult to play 2 player now as its console is out-dated, these beat ‘em up games were always a favourite of mine. You fight a crime syndicate on the streets pummelling the corruption out of the city until you reach the boss behind it all, Mr X. A fairly simple series, the games are easy to finish in a couple of hours but what makes it so enjoyable playing it in co-op is its simplicity; you do not have to worry about tactics or concentrating on what you are doing, giving you plenty of time to catch up with your friend.

Gain Ground (Mega Drive)

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Another Mega Drive game, Gain Ground is worth playing. The game centres on a simulating system that goes berserk and holds heroes captive, three characters decide to enter the simulator in order to free the hostages. Players must complete each stage by either reaching the exit zone with all their characters or killing all enemies. However, you can also save hostages by collecting them and exiting the stage with that character, this will give you another hero to play with on the next stage with their own unique ability. This game is made interesting as players can use co-op tactics to kill enemies and save hostages as well as aid each other out when an enemy has one of you pinned. Additionally, an element of sacrifice is added as only one player can save and use a hostage so one will miss out on a ‘life’. As an arcade game, Gain Ground can keep you and a friend occupied for an entire day and you will only realise once it’s dark outside.

Lego Series (Playstation/Xbox)

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Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Marvel, DC, Jurassic Park… Lego, is there anything it can’t do? These games allow fans to geek out with one another and the best thing is you don’t have to be an avid gamer to play as you don’t stay dead for long. Simply put, Lego games are simple; build and destroy! When I play with my good friend Bry we spend less time following the story and more times completely obliterating Hogwarts – and they thought Voldemort was evil! This is what makes the games so fun, although I love video games; you don’t have to, to enjoy the game. Just pick up a controller (and a cocktail or two), choose the character you always wanted to play as and let rip.